Q: What exactly is a DashCare Dash Cover?

DashCare dash covers are designed to lay on top of the dash. They are not permanently attached to the dash, they can be fixed in place with provided hook & loop velcro. They cover the dash to protect it from effects of Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the Sun. Dash covers can reduce heat build up and cover up cracks if your dash already has them. Our dash covers come in many fabrics and colors - all choices provide the same protection from UV rays. We do not make PLASTIC dash caps. We do not offer replacement dashboards nor original dashboard repair. Our materials are not designed to replace original bonded or glued materials.

Q: What materials do you offer?

Every dash cover is cut and sewn. Material choices include upholstery grade fabrics in a 3 part lamination with foam cores as well as non-woven plush carpet. Click on the link "Available Materials" near the top of any page on our site to learn more about each material and available colors.

We don't offer "heat molded" products or plastic molded dash caps.

Q: What about fit to my vehicle's dash?

We make all our own patterns and we do it by working directly on each vehicle model including models that have options that effect the dash. Our design philosophy is to fit the dash geometry with the best look possible and make sure the coverage is proper for a rich look. Design is part science and part art.

We take into account for all the vents, sensors, gauges, displays, options like larger screens for NAV's, etc. We do not design our patterns to cut corners on material or labor. We strive to make the best looking, best fitting Dash Cover for each vehicle.

It is our goal to put up pictures of actual Dash Covers for each model vehicle so you can see the design. When looking at the pictures, remember that they are on a flat surface and not on the complicated geometry of a dash.

Q: Do you really make them? And why is that important?

Yes, we are the manufacturer. We make every Dash Cover to the order. We make our own patterns too by going to our local car dealers and working directly on the dash of the vehicle when it is introduced. Most seller website are merely re-sellers. When you buy from us, you buy direct.

Q: When will my Dash Cover Ship and How long will it take to get to me?

We make Dash Covers Monday through Thursday every week. Your order comes instantly from our web site to our processing office and then out to the plant to be made. In most cases we ship either same day or the next day, especially for the holiday periods. Our basic shipping is USPS Priority Mail - it will take between 1 and 3 days to get to you almost anywhere in the US. We do not consolidate orders over a week or two for manufacturing planning nor do we have them made in another country like some other Dash Cover companies!

Q: What are Sensors and why cut out for them?

Features such as Auto Headlights require a sensor to know when it's day or night. When your headlight on/off switch is set to Auto, your vehicle relies on the sensor for the Auto function. Other features that use sensors can be climate control, alarm systems (not really a sensor but a visual that shows it's working), etc.

Sometimes the sensors are located in the defrost vents track and therefore get exposed without a special cutout. In that case we don't sk you if you need it cut out as the "cut" is automatic.

Typically, sensors are small, about 1" diameter round or rectangular. When they are not positioned in a vent, a separate cut must be made. For some vehicles, every trim level or price point has the sensor, but most of the time is an option. If it's an option, we ask in the listing if you need it cut out and you can't put the item in a cart until you answer that question.

Look at the picture of the dash cover in the listing. We identify each optional sensor that may need to be cut out for. Notice the position, then go look at your own dashboard. If you see something there, then you probably will want a cut out for it. You don't need to know what it's for, just look to see if you have something in that place.

By the way, we always mark it's position on the back side of the dash cover. We do not cut unless we know it is for 100% of the vehicles of that model or if you tell us you have a sensor that needs to be cut.

FYI, sensor cut outs are too small to edge bind. So you can always cut it yourself after you receive it if need be and it will look the same as if we did it.

Q: How does the dash cover attach to the Dash?

Velcro hook strips come with each dash cover. They have a special adhesive backing. With all Carpet colors, we sew in small squares of Velcro loop because the hook does not stick well the back side of the carpet. With all other Dash Covers that have foam in the middle layer, the back side "scrim" fabric acts like Velcro Loop so no small loop squares are sew in. Just stick the hook anywhere.

The forward edge of the dash cover at the windshield will probably need to be tucked into the space between the dash and windshield glass. This anchors the Dash Cover and holds it in place even with the defrost fan on max. It reduces the need for hook & loop. You will need to flex the dash to push it in.

Using the supplied velcro (hook & loop) is optional. Some dashes have complicated geometry and a dash cover will not lay well without using the supplied velcro. We provide it - you decide if you want to use it.

Cut the supplied adhesive backed Velcro Hook into small squares. Do not take the paper off the back that protects the adhesive until you are sure where you want it.

Cleaning your dash is critical to getting the adhesive backed velcro to stick. The adhesive backed velcro we supply is the same used by Toll Road authorities in California to stick transponders to the windshield - the best available high temp rated adhesive. Use cleaning alcohol to clean areas of your dash where you want Velcro. In some cases you may need to use a stronger cleaner like wax & tar & grease & silicone remover.

Q: Velcro Hook - Install tips regarding the adhesive

IMPORTANT - the adhesive on the back of the Velcro hook may not stick properly if your dash has been treated with a detailing product like Armor All. If your car has been "detailed" or cleaned at a car wash sometime in the past, the products used by car washes and detailers have chemicals that impregnate the plastic and tend to repel the adhesive. They can even "plasticize" adhesive which changes it permanently so it won't stick anymore. The acrylic adhesive on the back of the Velcro Hook has special properties so it can handle the high heat it might find being on the dashboard in direct sunlight in hot climates. So it must be handled properly! 1. It is pressure sensitive - this means it activates with pressure. So when you have it positioned, use your fingers to press it hard. 2. Try not to re-positioning it. Sticking it down, then pulling it up to move it will permanently reduce the adhesive power. So pull off the paper backing only when you are ready, try not to move it after it's attached!

Q: What about AirBags - will the dash cover have a cutout, do I need a cutout, can I specify not to have an airbag cutout?

Starting in the early 1990's and depending on your Make/Model and option package, your vehicle may have an Airbag built into the dash on the Passenger side. Many vehicles have a visible Airbag panel. When airbags first arrived on the scene it was thought that dash covers needed to have a cut out around this panel for the airbag to deploy. Many of our older patterns have such a cutout. But many patterns do not because the panel is either close to the edge or there is no visible panel. In more recent vehicles, there is no visible panel to cut out for. The airbag literally blows through the dash and pushes everything out of the way when it deploys. We now know dash covers do not inhibit air bag deployment with or without cutouts. We see requests to eliminate the airbag cutout with older patterns because people prefer the clean look without a flap. You can request this with your order. The Airbag will deploy whether or not there is a cutout.

Q: What is HUD or Heads Up Display?

HUD, Heads Up Display, is an option on some vehicles. HUD projects instrument info like speed, RPM, etc. up to the windshield glass so the driver does not need to look down as much. It is generally found on performance cars but even a 2014 Prius can have it. To work, there is a sizable hole in the dash in front of the driver near the glass that allows a path for the projection of information.

Q: What is Collision Warning?

The newest vehicles are coming with more technology than ever before. Collision warning features are becoming very popular and each manufacturer has their own way of doing it. Many forward collision warning systems or alerts have a hole in the dash in front of the driver which gives a path for lights to project up to get the driver's attention. Not all makes do it this way however as some have messages in the instrument cluster and others only have sound warnings. IF the collision warning system has a pathway in the dash, we make a special cutout for it. If we need to know, the specific listing will have a question about this you must answer to put it into a cart and buy. If you don't see the question, then your vehicle doesn't come with this feature as an option or if it does, there is no hole in the dash to make it work. The picture of the dash cover in the listing will have an example of the cut out, an arrow pointing to it with some text to identify it.

Q: What about Speakers in the Dash?

We do not make cutouts for speakers. Period! It's our philosophy. We feel this would defeat the purpose of the dash cover, which is to protect the dash. Sound will travel through the dash cover material quite well so no cutout is needed. Trust us on this - leave your dash speakers and rear deck speakers covered.

Q: Glare?

Glare, or the reflection of the dash into the windshield glass, can be a problem with some vehicles. The angle of the dash, angle of the glass, sitting position of the driver and dash material and color all contribute to creating Glare. A dash Cover will reduce Glare but may not eliminate it. For best Glare reduction with vehicles susceptible to Glare, choose medium or darker colors and stay away from patterns like Camoflauge.

Q: Do I need to give you my email address when I order?

We must have a way to contact you about your order and email is the best way for us to do that. You must enter an email address to buy on our site. We don't sell or give your information to anyone and we won't contact you in the future unless you want us to. Your order info stays confidential! It's more efficient to order on the web site versus by phone - we take the info you entered exactly as you typed it. Plus your credit card information is more secure when buying through our web site because Authorize.net protects your info. However, you are welcome to call to place an order too, no email is required for phone orders.

Q: How can I get custom embroidery on the Dash Cover?

Some purchasers want a custom design, art, names or letters embroidered on their Dash Cover. We don't offer that service but you can take it to your local embroidery shop after you receive it. That way you can see the Dash Cover installed on your dash before it's embroidered so you can decide exactly what you want and where you want it. Tape a piece of paper with what you want in the right spot and take it to an embroidery shop where you live!