About DashCare

DashCare Dash Covers

A Division of Seatz Manufacturing

At DashCare, we make high quality, made-to-order car dashboard covers for virtually every car and truck. We supply New Car Dealer parts departments throughout CA, AZ, NV & NM and well as other specialty retailers and Internet sellers. Our manufacturing employees average more than 10 years’ experience in making custom dash covers.

Our Manufacturing Process: We know that when you buy, you want it as soon as possible. With thousands of patterns for custom dash covers and 30+ choices for Materials/Colors, we don't try to guess what you want. Instead, we make your order here in California, typically in 3 business days. Other companies consolidate orders over 1-3 weeks and make them in far away places before they finally ship your order. Not DashCare!

Our Designs: When we make a new pattern, we design for the best look for that vehicle. A custom fitted look with special attention to needs for Vents, Sensors & Optional features like Head Up Display or Collision Warning.

Our Patterns: Our car dashboard covers are designed specifically for each unique dashboard. We work right on the dashboard in a multi-stage process to ensure a good fit and manufacturing repeatability. Our pattern collection of custom dash covers goes back to the 1970's and some cases even farther. We work hard to develop patterns for new cars and trucks as they are introduced and hit the showrooms.

Our Dash Cover Images: When you enter your Make/Year/Model and click "Shop Covers", the dash cover you see in the product listing is for that vehicle. So look it over carefully to see what it covers and what it doesn't cover to decide if it will work for you.