DashCare Custom Dash Covers - Product Information

  Why Purchase a Dash Cover?

First and foremost, a Dash Cover provides protection from sunlight, heat and dust.


Sunlight constantly works against your dash. After just a few years of prolonged exposure to the Ultra Violet rays, your dash will fade and no longer match your interior. A dash cover creates a barrier that keeps interior color looking fresh.

Heat can cause your dash to buckle. Soaring temperatures eventually cause the air molecules in your dash to expand, rupturing the surface. A dash cover disperses the heat across its fabric surface, shielding the dashboard.

Dust and dirt regularly collect on your dash surface. A dash cover simply swallows the dust, which is infinitely less visible when resting between carpet or fabric fibers. It can be vacuumed clean at the same time you do the rest of your interior.

Why Purchase a DashCare Dash Cover?

You won't be getting a "stock" dash cover that doesn't fit.

We specialize in a custom fit. We make our own patterns to fit each vehicle's dash. Our production workers have years of experience - the average is over 10 years with our company! We ask you the right questions in the purchase steps to insure your Dash Cover will have the correct options like sensor cutouts and vehicle options like Heads Up Display, Warning Indicators, Optional Clocks or Gauges

You will get only the best materials available for Dash Covers.

DashCare Carpet
DashCare uses OZITE Spectropile LX non-woven carpet material and matching Solarguard edge binding. All are Solution Dyed Polyester for consistent color, maximum color fastness and UV resistance!

DashCare Fabrics
We also offer Velour, Suede, Tech and Camo Upholstery Fabrics, made with a 3 layer factory bonded construction consisting of the fabric face, foam core and special fabric scrim backing. The materials are permanently bonded together. Face materials are Solution Dyed Polyester with high UV resistance, consistent color and maximum color fastness. Edge binding is color matching. These material choices provide a very soft feel and adjusts extremely well to dash contours for a smoother look.

DashCare Dash Covers are really easy to install.
Velcro adhesive makes the installation a breeze and it's provided in the box. The Dash Covers are designed to be tucked into the space between the dash and the windshield to help keep them in place even with defrost fan on full blast.

DashCare offers a wide selection of colors.
We have over 30 choices of colors and materials.

You are buying Direct - we are the manufacturer and we make everything in the USA