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Ford Pickup 1961-1964 - DashCare Dash Cover

*14-27 - 136514

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DashCare Dash Covers are cut and sewn products that lay on the dashboard. They protect against UV rays from the Sun, help reduce glare and reduce heat build-up of the dash.
Dash Cover images in this listing are for this vehicle (not generic images).

All DashCare Dash Cover Face Fabrics are specific for Dash Cover application - they all have highest available protection for UV rays and Direct Sunlight! 5 Families of Materials:
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        Made with High UV resistance 100% Solution Dyed Polyester fibers for color fastness and long lasting protection from ultraviolet sunlight!
        3 layer factory fused construction: Velour Upholstery Grade Fabric on top (top), foam core (center) and special scrim fabric backing (bottom). Face fabric is Solution Dyed Polyester fibers with high UV inhibitors for maximum color fastness and resistance to breakdown over time in the sun. This material choice will provide a soft feel, smooth look, homogenous color and lays well to complicated dash geometry.
        3 layer factory fused construction: DashSuede Face fabric is Solution Dyed Polyester (not Leather!) with high UV inhibitors for maximum color fastness and resistance to breakdown over time in the sun. The DashSuede is low knap for a flat, low glare finish and will have high-low shading effects typical of Suede material. Edge binding for DashSuede colors use Velour fabric, not DashSuede fabric because the DashSuede in its non-laminated state tends to curl and shows the back side. We feel edge binding with Velour material looks better.
        DashTech has a face fabric that looks like one of the modern "Technical" fabrics you see in new vehicle seat upholstery. It has a small square weave pattern and looks a bit 3 dimensional on the surface. Same 3 layer construction as the Velour & Suede above. Face fabric is Solution Dyed Polyester with high UV inhibitors for maximum color fastness and resistance to breakdown over time in the sun. Edge binding is done with matching Dashtech fabric.
        Camouflage has the Forest pattern with Green and Brown mix as the face fabric. Same 3 layer construction. Edge binding is Velour solid color.

Our color names are just that, a name, so don't make any assumptions on how light or dark it is by the name.
* We offer 30 choices, all made specifically for dash covers which means the yarns have the best chemistry for maximum sun exposure.
Colors can look different depending on your display screen or device.
If you are not sure about the color or material you want, the Materials & Colors page has a link to a form to order free samples.

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DashCare Patterns

We make our own patterns right off the dashboard of each vehicle and then transfer that master pattern to our precision production system.
Our experienced production crew makes every dash cover in our Anaheim, CA plant.
DashCare patterns are made for USA/CDN vehicles! We do not guaranty fit for vehicles originally sold in other countries.
Most vehicles, however, are the same for other countries, including mirror image for Right Hand Drive, but not always! So do your own research if you are buying for a non USA/CND vehicle!

Edge Binding

Our DashCare dash covers have sewn fabric on the edges "edge binding".
Carpet edge binding materials use fabric made with the same fibers as the carpet.
Velour and DashSuede dash covers use Velour fabric for edge binding (DashSuede face fabric is not used for binding because it is too stretchy to sew well and it curls back on itself to show the backside - not a good look).
DashTech dash covers use DashTech face fabric for edge binding (due to the woven construction of DashTech fabric, the cut edge the binding will not be as clean of an edge as the other materials).
Small Sensor cutouts will not have edge binding.

Dash Options

Some vehicles have optional features which require cutouts to work properly. Examples are:
    *Automatic Headlight Sensor
        To turn headlights on automatically when dark.
    *Alarm lights
    *Electric Charging Indicator Lights
    *HUD Head-Up-Display
        Larger hole in front of the driver to project data to the windshield
    *CWS Collision Warning System or FCA Forward Collision Alert
        Small hole in front of the driver for flashing lights to project to the windshield to warn the driver
Some Models can have different versions of the dashboard for the same model year depending on the Trim level (base or top end)!
    Look at the dashboard images in the listing to help make your choice
*Answering questions about options is required before you can put an item into a cart to buy.
   We only ask what we need to know to get you the correct dash cover.


We do not make cutouts for flush mounted speakers in the dashboard. Period! It's our philosophy.
We feel this would defeat the purpose of the dash cover, which is to protect the dash.
Sound will travel through the dash cover material quite well so no cutout is needed.
Trust us on this - leave your dash speakers and rear deck speakers covered.

Shipping Information

  • Item Requires Shipping
  • 2.0 lbs.
  • W5.0000” x H5.0000” x L25.0000”