DashCare Return Policy & Return Procedure

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Return Policy

DashCare dash covers are a custom made product to your order including your choices material family, color, optional features, etc. Even though it is a custom made item, we accept returns (with some exceptions noted below). However, we do not refund original shipping charges, you must pay for your return shipping to us and we charge a $10 re-stock fee.

Orders where we will not accept a return and/or will not give a refund if returned:

    1. If we confirmed with you before we shipped that no return will be accepted.

    2. If more than 90 days has passed from your order date to receipt at our plant.

    3. If the dash cover has been altered or used.

    4. If you damaged the dash cover (foam centered materials especially) by folding it or stuffing it into a box or laying heavy objects on it that create permanent wrinkles

           - READ the install instruction! The first point says never fold a dash cover!

    5. If you package your return poorly so that the dash cover we receive is damaged with permanent wrinkles and can not be re-sold.

Please make sure you are ordering for the correct Year/Make/Model/Features. Some vehicle have more than 1 dashboard design so please be sure your vehicle matches the listing details.

Example 1 - the 2014-15 Ford Escape and CMax each have 2 different dashboards. We highlight those differences in each listing and include images of the dash in the critical area that is different. One will not fit on the other! So pay attention to all the information for each listed item please.

Example 2 - Many vehicles have optional equipment such as sensors, warning lights, clocks, HUD. Each of our listings will ask the required questions when there are options. If you are not sure, look at the images in the listing as they will have arrows pointing to the location of the option. Call or email us if you still have questions.

If you are not sure of your color or material choice, we offer free samples by mail. We would rather send you samples before you purchase than have to accept a return because you don't like the color or material after you receive your dash cover. To receive free samples - click on the Materials & Colors link at the top of the home page and look for the "free color samples" link in the first paragraph. Fill out the form with your color choices. We do not accept free sample requests over the phone.

Colors look different depending in your computer screen or the device used for viewing. We scan all the choices and do our best to represent them in the best possible way. Remember - viewing colors can be subjective - different to the eye of each person.

Our Material and Color choices have names that come from the manufacturer. The names are just that - names. Example: UV Black is just a name, it happens to be a slightly faded Black, but the "UV" does not signify anything special. "Charcoal" and "Graphite" are also names that come from the manufacturer of the material and are typically a medium grey.

We accept a return even if you don't like the color or if you feel it is not what you expected. However, you will not receive a full refund. So if you are unsure about the color, request a sample first.

We make to each order. Our goal is to make and ship your order in 1-3 business days. Sometimes we can't ship so quickly and we will communicate with you if there will be a delay.

Return Procedure

If you want to return your order, please handle and repackage the dash cover carefully so that it can be re-sold. This is especially important for any material with a foam inner layer. If not rolled carefully they can develop permanent wrinkles. Use the original shipping box - the label on the end will tell us your order info. Or include a copy of your pack slip so we can identify it to you. No return authorization is required. IMPORTANT - roll the dash cover carefully, do not fold or stuff it into the box. If you do, we may not give you any refund.

 Ship to:

Seatz Manufacturing / DashCare Returns
1575 W. Broadway
Anaheim, CA 92802

*Include your order number or name so we know who it is from


Fit Issues

If you feel the dash cover is not fitting, you must follow these steps. If you do not follow these steps we will not waive any aspect of our refund policy stated at the top of this section.

1. Re-read the install instructions. Especially the point about needing to push the front edge into space between the windshield and the dash. We design our dash covers this way so they stay in place better when the defrost fan is on max. The dashboard will flex down when you push in the material. The dash cover won't lineup properly until you do this.

2. Re-read the paperwork and listing info to determine if you ordered the correct dash cover for your vehicle.

3. Look at the image of the dash cover in the listing on our web site. The dash cover you received should look similar. If it does not, let us know!

4. Your cooperation is required to help determine the problem and solution. This includes providing details of the problems. You will be asked to email us pictures:

    - Confirm the pattern number marked on the back side in one of the corners - is it the pattern number in the prder?

    - Pic of the whole dash cover - that's how we identify it as correct (or not) for the pattern number

    - Pics of the dash - that's how we identify your dash as being what we expect based on the Make/Year/Model info in your order

    - Pics of the dash cover on the dash - now we are zeroing in on where you feel the problem is.

Based on the above, we will work with you on a course of action if needed.

If you are not willing to follow the steps above, then our standard refund policy will apply

We make our own patterns and make every dash cover we sell. We believe our products are well designed and well made and we stand behind them.

Thanks for choosing DashCare!