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Materials & Colors

All Dash Care dashboard covers come in an array of colors. Select a cover below to see a larger color swatch. Also, you may request a FREE COLOR SAMPLE to make certain you choose the right color for your vehicle.

If you are looking to protect your vehicle or increase the trade in value, it is important to us a dash cover. Dashboard covers help reduce the glare for drivers, and they also protect your vehicle. At DashCare, we design and make dash covers to meet the quality demanded by new car dealers of every major brand. We have over 3,500 patterns and make new patterns every month as new vehicles hit the market. If you have the latest model of car, we will be able to create a dashboard cover for your needs.

Why Choose DashCare Dash Covers?
Dash covers will help protect the dash surface of a vehicle from harsh UV rays. It can also cover blemishes and imperfections in older models of dashboards.   
  • Keeps a vehicles interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter 
  • Reduces dangerous windshield glare  
  • 3 choices: Carpet, Velour, and Suede – 30+ color/material combinations with matching edge binding
Dash Pad Covers
Dash Covers for Trucks
A dashboard is one of the last things that someone thinks about in a car, but can be the first thing someone notices if it is cracked or worn. If you are looking to trade in your car or truck, a cracked or warped dashboard can seriously affect and substantially lower your car's trade-in value. Protect your dash before it develops problems!
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